Use of CCTV Cameras to Control Misconduct

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Over the past few years, a lot of research has been made on the impact of CCTV systems on preventing misconduct and improving security.

Do security systems really help in improving security and controlling crime?

Well, it’s a huge debate. People come up with different viewpoints and they give different logics to defend their point of view.

Some of you may still think that CCTV surveillance systems have nothing to do with preventing the crime and they are just a waste of money. And on the contrary, there are many people out there benefiting from these systems that they cannot imagine their lives without it.

Some may think CCTV invading their privacy and for some, they are proving them security. The reason why there is still controversy around these cameras is that some researches also concluded that these systems are useless and over-hyped by companies.

When there is a lot of contradiction in people’s viewpoints about these cameras, then how one should decide to buy them or not?

In this I will try to answer this question with some logic, so you would better decide whether you want to mount some cameras at your home or not.

I personally a fan of CCTV cameras, but I am not within this article to convince anyone, you have to make your own decision. I would definitely not be biased in my arguments.

Below are some of the reasons why the best result CCTV camera in Lahore are good at preventing and controlling the misconduct.

Deterring the Convicts

Would security cameras really help in stopping the burglars and thieves?

Of course, yes, I know some of you may not agree with me but it’s true.

I am not saying that no robber will dare to enter into your house, many will still break into your place even in the presence of CCTV cameras. The research has shown, criminals are less likely to enter spaces with security systems because they know that they will be recorded and caught if they try to offend anyone.

The presence of CCTV can stop the crime in the first place, and if any crime happed you can still catch criminals because the incident is being recorded.

There are many people placing dummy cameras at their houses, they not that they don’t record anything but the presence of CCTV still deters the offenders, no matter if they are real or fake. The logic is simple, just like you as a gentleman be conscious in the presence of security systems, the criminals do the same. The impact of CCTV on criminals is so power that the government authorities now encouraging people to put cameras at their homes and offices to keep their places and people secure.

Record the Offence

The recording is something the CCTV cameras are known for. They help you record the incident and recognizing the crime.

What if security cameras failed to stop the crime?

I know some criminals are stiff and they will not stop even in the presence of surveillance systems. Actually, the purpose of CCTV cameras is not to stop crime, they are used to record the incident, so criminals can be caught.

Suppose, you don’t have security cameras at your place and someone enters into your house from wrong intentions. You cannot stop him and he robbed you. What next? Now you can’t track him because you may not recognize him.

At least in case of security cameras, you have the recording of offence that can help the investigators afterwards to track the criminal. There are many surveillance cameras that are smart enough to start recording when they sense motion around and they do not just record by also trigger an alarm, so you get notified about the presence of some stranger in your house.

Help Police Detecting Crooks

Many people argue that CCTV systems are replacing the front-line police. I don’t think that way, instead is think that these amazing cameras are supporting the police to do their duty more effectively and caught the offenders.

The surveillance recording of cameras helps the police to recognize and track the criminals faster.

There are several companies offering the best CCTV camera installation service that you can acquire to make your place more protected.

Gather Evidence

Do you know courts consider CCTV recordings solid evidence? Yes, it’s right.

If you present your camera’s recording in courts, it will be considering a powerful reference and your case will be resolved faster. Most of the times the robbery and even murder cases go unresolved because of the lack of solid proof.

No matter how many eyewitnesses were there, their statements are contradiction and they also failed to remember the small details that are important to resolve a case.

So, having a security system is always a beneficial idea, even if you are unable to stop the crime, you can still manage to track the criminal and recover your losses using evidence.

If you really concern about your security and want to save your family from big distress in future then it is highly suggested to install surveillance systems at your home.

Watch Your Property

Do you work away from your house? Do you have to leave your house empty every day for work? Or you are planning to visit some exotic island for vacations?

I know what daunts you the most when you think of the above situation. Your house, right?

It’s not safe to leave your house empty while you are out for work or out of the country. Your mind always sticks to the security of your house.

How one can ensure the security of their house when they are outside?

The answer is simple, put some surveillance cameras.

Yes, this is probably the only way you can secure your property. If you are thinking of hiring a full-time guard then if you 100% sure he would not fall asleep at night? Or if you are going to hire 2 guards for day and night, think again, it is too much cost and security is still at stake.

Advanced CCTV can be connected with mobiles, so you can watch recording remotely, no matter if you are in another country. You will also get an alarm at your mobile if something is spotted at your home. Placing security cameras give you real peace of mind and you are always sure that everything is found and your property is safe. One more thing, these CCTV systems are far cheaper than your guards and it is also a one-time investment, you have to worry about the salaries of security staff and there is no operational cost included.

Keep an Eye on Servants

Have your kids every complaint about nanny misbehavior and smoking when you are at work? It is very common, and it gives you a real headache as a working parent.

What if your baby is very little, he cannot complain about nanny’s behavior? A newborn baby should not be left up to the mercy of nannies. How you can watch nannies? With security cameras. Seriously, it will give you peace of mind and you will not worry about your kid safety.

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Not just nannies, you can also watch other servants at your home and make sure that they are doing their duties effectively.

Surveillance of Employee

Just like your houses, your workplaces are also vulnerable.

What threats workplaces can possibly have because mostly we never have heard about robbery cases at the office (the bank is an exception)?

Remember one thing, sometimes these are the employee in your office that steal your assets. In the office, most of the misconduct is done by the employees.

CCTV systems are a good option to keep an eye on employees at the time, so they will not just behave themselves but also not waste their time on useless stuff. Do place cameras at sensitive places in your office, especially where you keep all the valuable things.

You can mount any CCTV system of your choice, there are many brands of cameras out there with a little difference in rates, for example, Dahua camera prices in Pakistan and Hikvision camera price in Pakistan is almost same with a minor difference. Don’t need to have a high-resolution camera, you can also maintain security at home or small office with basic cameras, such as 2mp CCTV camera price in Lahore is not very high and you can install them in very low budget.

I have discussed some major benefits of CCTV systems and their impact on controlling the misconduct. Hope the things are now clearer to you, so you can better make your decision about security camera placement.


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