How to write Email Marketing content that attracts and engages customers

Email Marketing content
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Content Email Marketing is one of the important factors determining the success of an email marketing campaign for businesses at a certain time. Having chosen Email Marketing as a means to market and promote your services and products to customers, it means that you ensure the content requirements because this is something that will directly reach you. your customer.

So, how is content for email marketing to attract quality? What material will customers not only love but also perform the actions called in in that email (eg purchase, sign up …)?

This article we will share with you a number of ways to write attractive, well-crafted email marketing content in accordance with the principles of increasing customer clicks and attention.

How to write Email Marketing content that attracts and attracts customers

Email marketing content title rules

Today, your customers are exposed to thousands of huge amounts of information every day, so making your piece of information accessible and stored in the customer’s memory is a big challenge for people doing. Marketing.

With the content of Email Marketing, the title is the first part you need to write correctly and well, you can apply the following formulas:

The title is fast and urgent (For example: Sign up for a web design service now to receive attractive offers before August 30, 2020)

The title suggests the benefits to the user (20% discount on the first 100 registration orders)

Attractive curiosity title (Revealing the secret of online sales to help you earn hundreds of millions every month)

Headlines hit with emotion (How long has it been since you said loving words to mom?)

Important content put up first

Imagine your content in an inverted triangle model. Information that needs to convey a lot is expensive, put it right on top. Do not think that you will lead your customers from the introduction, the afterword to the expensive information in the six corners. Internet users’ reading trends today have also changed. If the initial information does not interest them, they will leave before they can reach the important information you need to send.

So if the goal of the email marketing you send is the promotional code, put that code first, if your email marketing goal is to call for course registration, put the signup button, and the call right at the top. email.

Every email marketing should focus on only one goal

When it comes to email marketing goals, you shouldn’t cram too much content in a customer email. For example, if you set up a campaign every week to send an email, each email should only focus on a certain content/message. This will impress the client more than put too much information in the same manuscript.

Use email marketing templates, image files, should or not?

Creating email templates or design image files is a form that many companies and businesses use recently. This type of email marketing content often creates a fresh, rich, professional-feeling for your brand and also brings a pretty good customer experience.

Currently, there are quite a few websites and software to help you create professional photo email marketing online. Refer to email marketing websites to help you optimize your content, giving you the overall effectiveness of the campaign. In addition, investing a lot of time and effort in writing Email Marketing without the right strategy leads to an unexpected effect. If you want to achieve the long-term goals for your business, you also need to approach SEO strategically.

Insert creative images in email

If you insert images into the email in a creative and reasonable way, the effect will be doubled compared to the text displayed.

Even when impressed with the beautiful images, your mail recipient may click on that image to switch to the website. You can attach images of products, services … to your email marketing content.

Put company information in the signature section

Whatever you create your email marketing content in this way, do not forget to leave the information behind so that customers can contact you. That is the signature part. The signature is required for the full type of company, business products, and related messages such as an address, email, business website address, Facebook page …

A call to action

Any email marketing content is indispensable for a call to action. This is the factor that helps businesses achieve the goals in their entire Online Marketing campaign. You can refer to popular Call To Actions and choose the right action type for your service or product.

The CTA phrases commonly used in marketing email content are usually in the form: “Buy now to get …”, “Learn more“, “Sign up now”….

So above are shared on how to write optimal and effective email marketing in each online marketing campaign of your business. Hope this will be a useful article to help you have more knowledge about email marketing.



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