How to Use Social Media for Marketing Effectively


If you know how to use social media for marketing the proper way, conversions will become twice or triple times higher. Of course, every eBusiness guru is after the profit and without the right strategy, all will seem redundant. Since you have identified the social media as a powerful source for marketing, it’s time to devise valuable measures for better conversion.

To use the social media for effective marketing, understand how the social media works, the required tools and, of course, your audience. In fact, the most decisive aspect of social media marketing is the ‘audience’. For instance, it will be myopic to target teenagers (between 13 and 19) while advertising a pension agency.

This article discloses how to use social media for marketing effectively with reasonable returns within a short period. So, we know you are ready to take advantage of the likes of Zuckerberg’s Facebook; let’s get started.

How to Use Social Media for Marketing

Pick a Suiting Social Platform

The first mistake an advertiser makes is picking the wrong platform for ads. Do you want to know why? It’s excellent you want to. Now, what is the sense in advertising a charity program on websites such as Pornhub? Again, do you feel the conversion would be excellent if you run ads campaign regarding race-specific politics on Craigslist? Honestly, Craigslist will remove the ads from listing even before it gets to the audience. Funny enough, Craigslist audience would not even be interested in such advertisement.

Forget about giants like Twitter and Facebook; you could well run effective ads on other social media platforms. For instance, if you are going to advertise dating services, a platform such as Tinder would go a long way. Of course, Facebook will equally make sense, but we are talking about platforms with better conversion potentials.

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Analyze the Platform

With regards to how to use social media for marketing, understand that social medias each have faults. Sincerely, before you start a campaign on any social media for your marketing, you need detailed insight of the platform. Moreover, it is on this occasion that most ads campaigners prefer to hire experts that claim to run social media advertisements with high conversion rates.

Unless you want to hire an expert, you must find challenges and possible amends. Let’s use Facebook as an example. On like several other platforms, Facebook allows you to run targeted ads for your marketing. One of the challenges is that it is not easy to find the antidot for a perfect ads campaign. Thus, you require trial and error tests to find what works and how best to target your audience.

Understand the Audience

Again, identifying an audience that require your services is the most decisive aspect of social media marketing. You would want to be careful not to target the wrong audience, but to settle with a few interested in your services.

Several agencies boast of millions of followers but have unpromising rates of conversion. One would wonder “why”. The answer is pretty simple; these agencies end up buying their audience thinking they are organic which translates to little or no value. Even if you have a few hundred audience, you will earn better than a company with million so fat they are organic and real. When you understand what audience require your services, trust your guts to end up with the right and valuable audience. Meanwhile, how to identify a valuable audience is our story for another day.

Identify the Best Time to Campaign

Timing your marketing hours on the social media might appear insignificant but it contributes to effectiveness. Traditionally, the best hours to use the social media for marketing is the late evenings. Some would say in the early hours of the day but it all depends on your audience.

Also, if you reside in India but have a US audience, then your evening will not be evening for your audience. If the evening of your audience is your midnight, you have to serve during midnight. Regarding how to use social media for marketing, picking the right time demands several trials and error. Run cheap ads in the morning, afternoon, night, and see which of the hours boasts more engagement.

Make a Calendar

Depending on your niche, you may not have to post regularly. That notwithstanding, you must feed your audience with valuable contents always. It will preserve the audience and provide reasons for them to follow your page.

If you are promoting how to earn with Bitcoin, for instance, you may not have to post regularly. However, for a sport-based niche, sport fans would require frequent updates which could mean publishing at least three contents daily. The best way to determine how often you publish contents regarding marketing on social media is to understand your business niche. Also, study how each of your competitors post, and the result of such posts. Then, emulate a marketing competitor that is performing well and bring in newer ideas to spur your audience.

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Create Enticing Images and Animated Videos

Audiovisuals contribute immensely to the growth of social media marketing. Moreover, you do not require graphics/animation skills to develop enticing audiovisuals. We have experts in this field and you could do well to contact a developer, explain what you want and it is ready. Note that the video animations must capture what you are marketing and the duration must be short. If you upload videos above 3 minutes, your viewers will become bored and may simply skip the video. Depending on what you are marketing on social media, the duration should be 1-3 minutes.

Various organizations prefer animated images for their social media marketing. Regarding how to use social media for marketing, you should consider animated photos too. If you are okay using a digital camera to make beautiful shots, then it should entice your audience.

Publish Interactive Contents

We all understand that your presence on the social media is business first. However, you need to give your marketing a break some times. You could set up Q&A sessions and interact with your audience. It brings you closer to them and you will get to discover what they want and what they do not.

Nevertheless, your interactive contents should not fully deviate from your market and you can use smileys/emoticons in the content. Meanwhile, before you publish such contents, ask yourself whether it relates with your market. Is it a content that the audience will like? Will the audience scream that it does not relate with the essence of the page? Now, once you are certain with all these, go ahead and publish and make sure to reply relevant comments.

Design a Valuable Community

Fortunately for marketers, various social media platforms offer rooms to house your audience and create a valuable community. If you feel your business page is not yielding enough, diversify to creating groups and encouraging users to join and participate. You could set up a Telegram channel, Facebook group, WhatsApp group, etc. and bring your audience together. A platform such as Facebook is the best for this occasion because of its limitless features.

Final Thoughts

The social media has been quite a massive tool for marketing since its arrival. It is now left for internet marketers to strategize their way to success. In this article, we have highlighted the basic strategies regarding how to use social media for marketing effectively. It is now left for you to implement the strategies and watch your business or your client’s business deliver.

Ultimately, the social media is a lofty and an influential platform for marketing. Take your time, study the platform, identify and implement what works. The thumb rule in marketing remains that a marketing should undergo trial and error to succeed.


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