All You Need to Know About WordPress Hosting and Its Importance

WordPress Hosting and Its Importance

For the success of a website, hosting service is crucial and choosing the best web hosting service for your website improvises its SEO and overall sales. Several WordPress Web Hosting choices are accessible today, including VPS counting dedicated, Shared, Free and Managed WordPress. WordPress Hosting is the most overlooked aspect. But without a quality host service behind your website, your site won’t load faster, have higher downtime, and be less secure and prone to hacking.

By choosing the best and quality WordPress hosting service, you can improvise the site performance while enjoying a variety of other benefits. Many hosting companies would support you in WordPress hosting, and you may use Godaddy or Bigrock coupon code to avail discount on the hosting services.  

What is WordPress Hosting?

In general, WordPress Hosting is like other web hosting services that are optimized to meet the WP performance and security needs in a better way possible. The hosting also includes one-click WP installs that make it easier to get started with WP sites. The reputed and leading WP hosting services also update the WP software automatically when needed. The WordPress Hosting has support staff that is well versed with WP and related tech issues.

There are two different types of WP hosting:

  • Shared WordPress Hosting
  • Managed WordPress Hosting 

Different Types of WordPress Hosting Services 

Shared WordPress Hosting

Shared WordPress Hosting is an affordable and inexpensive WP hosting. In shared hosting, your WP website will share the server with other websites. But, your WP site will keep performing as the server dedicated to your site would be performance-optimized for WordPress. Because of this sharing of the web server environment, the cost of shared hosting is always low. 

The server that is being dedicated to your WP site is optimized for WP, and hence you can expect better performance. Some of the other features that you will find in the conventional shared hosting service include:

  • Ability to use one-click WP installer that allows installing WP in a matter of seconds
  • Ability to pre-install WP from the moment you sign-up for the hosting services  
  • Automated updated to WP core
  • Plug-ins and themes and knowledge support 

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Managed WordPress Hosting 

Managed WordPress Hosting is the most popular and highly secured hosting service for WordPress sites. It takes all the stress out from the process of hosting and management of the site becomes easier as there is a team of WP experts taking care of all hosting needs. 

Managed WordPress Hosting uses a dedicated server, and it can also be configured with cloud hosting, VPS hosting and shared server environment. The type of server specifications offered depends mainly on the hosting service provider. Usually, you will find that managed hosting uses dedicated servers only that give more control over the server scalability and setup. The highlights of managed WordPress hosting, include:

  • A higher level of security
  • Faster page loading speed
  • Dedicated support team
  • Updated server
  • Higher uptime    

Factors to Consider When Hiring WordPress Hosting

Quality is the most crucial aspect to look for when hiring a WordPress host service. Other factors are worth considering. Depending upon the site owner’s specific needs, three crucial factors are worth considering, including the level of uptime, speed, and quality of support team. 

  • Speed – Speed means how long the WP site needs to load and how much time it takes to open on tabs and navigate the site. If the site is too slow and takes longer for loading, it would offer poor user experience and negatively impact SERPs’ rankings. So, look for a host that promises faster-loading speed.
  • Uptime – It is the percentage of time your WP site stays online. Most of the service providers promise 99% uptime. It means 99% of the time site would be accessible to your users. It is important to have higher uptime, especially for those WP sites that focus on processing online transactions. Some host providers offer 100% time, which means when the server is down for maintenance or updates, the site will be transferred to another dedicated and fully operational server. 
  • Customer Support – It is important to have a knowledgeable and experienced support team behind you when dealing with WP hosting. Many issues may occur while hosting, or the server may have issues that need to be resolved quickly without downtime. So, all these things must be handled and well taken care of by the support team of the hosting company.      


WordPress Hosting is dedicated to optimizing the server to run the WP sites smoothly with higher uptime. You have to choose between managed and shared WP host depending upon your unique needs and budget. Hopefully, you are aware now about WordPress hosting and why your WP site needs a hosting service. Ensure to use Godaddy coupon code while opting for hosting services to avail discounts and save money.  


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