Ultimate Holiday Gift sets

Covid-19 came and turned the world upside down within seconds. Hospitals got overbooked, shops closed their doors, flights got canceled, and the world started to look like a scene straight out of a zombie movie, right after a zombie apocalypse of course. Masks and sanitizers became the “new normal” and the world we lived in even a couple of days back now no longer existed, everything changed overnight. Hugs and kisses used to be ways to show your loved ones that you love them but now maintaining distance from them is the new way of showing that you care for them. Who would have thought it would be like this, right? I am sure if you knew it would be like this, then you would have hugged the ones who are close to your heart a little tighter the last time you saw them, spent a little more time with them, went out a little more, enjoyed the small things a little more that you used to take for granted before. Isn’t it? 

The lockdown is hard for each person in different ways. For some, going out used to keep them sane and now they are struggling to stay inside the house, for some maybe it was knowing the particular date as to when they could meet their loved one was keeping them sane but now they are no longer sure, some want to just go to work, while some want to just go back home. It’s hard for us all, in different ways of course and just because your way is not the same as the person next to you, it doesn’t make either of your feelings invalid. You matter, your feelings matter. 

Of course you are missing your loved ones, whether it’s your partner, friends, parents, siblings, cousins, colleagues, or anybody your else heart is fond of or your mind is used to. It’s normal, even if it’s a work colleague you hardly used to talk to or that cousin of yours you always used to fight with. You might not be able to hang out with them for quite some time now but in case you are missing them a little too much today, you can send them a gift for sure to remind them that they are important in your life, you care about them and they are currently being missed immensely by you. It’s not just going to make them feel good but you too. Try it out in case you don’t believe us. 

Here is a list of gift ideas that you can choose from for anybody you are missing during this lockdown: 

  • A fresh flower arrangement

Flowers have a secret language of their own that surprisingly everybody understands no matter from which part of the world they belong. Flowers are appreciated by people of all genders, nationalities, age groups, etc. They are loved by each and every one. 

You can be stuck in any part of the world during the lockdown and yet send fresh flowers for your loved ones in India. Order flowers online from Bloomsvilla to tell somebody how much you miss him or her and bring a smile on their face from miles away! 

  • Board games  

Now that we are all spending all our days inside the house, it’s time to bring back old childhood habits like playing board games with family members. You can send any game for your loved ones, be it Monopoly, Ludo, Chess, Chinese Checker, or any other board game that you think will be enjoyed  by him or her. 

  • An instant camera 

Yes we know that nobody can dress up now and go out to have fun but we all can create at least some beautiful memories inside our house, right? And yes, we know that these times are not perfect and definitely not something we wished for but also at the same time, let’s not forget, that the times we are now spending with our families or roommates locked up inside the four walls will never come back again. Once things get better, we all will be back to our busy lives where we will hardly get time for each other. So gift your loved one an instant camera (polaroid camera), so that he or she can preserve these moments forever! 

  • A beautiful diary 

Now we have all the time in the world to pen down our feelings, write stories, poems, etc. SSo gives your loved one a beautiful diary to encourage him or her to start writing. Let’s all bring the words from our hearts out on paper! 

  • Chocolates 

It’s never the wrong time to send chocolates. It’s one of the best and sweetest ways to tell somebody how much you are missing them. 

  • Freshly baked cakes 

Freshly baked cakes give a feeling of warmth and comfort, love, and care. You can order for some delicious xmas cakes online from Bloomsvilla and send it to any part of India, wherever your loved ones might be residing. This will make them genuinely happy!

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  • A recipe book 

We have so much time in our hands now that on most days we are wondering what to do, isn’t it? Whether you are giving a recipe book to someone who loves to cook and cooking is a stress buster for them, or to somebody who absolutely doesn’t know how to cook, either way it’s a very thoughtful and special gift. Let our inner chefs come out during this lockdown! 

  • Scented candles 

Scented candles are always appreciated as a gift. They convey the feeling that you care for him or her and you are wishing for good luck and good health for that person. Send some scented candles for your loved ones that will help him or her relax, after all, this is a very stressful time for everybody.

  • A care package 

Make a care package with items like dry fruits, protein bars, candies, coffee packet, face masks, scented candles, moisturiser, lip balms, etc. and send it across to your loved one. It’s a great way to let somebody know that you care about them and you want the best for them!

  • Fresh plants 

Fresh plants give hope for a better future, they bring peace and happiness in your life. Plus now that we are all home, it’s the most perfect time to have some indoor plants that we can genuinely take care of. You can order for various kinds of plants online on Bloomsvilla and send it to your loved ones , it is in fact a very thoughtful gift! 

This lockdown might have created a physical distance between you and your loved ones but use this time to get closer to each other like never before. Be strong, be kind to each other and be there for one another. Spread love and positivity, the world needs it now more than ever before!


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